Iconic Olympic Academy Approved by  : Uttar Pradesh Olympic Association (UPOA) - UPOA Affiliated to Indian Olympic Association Affiliated to : INDIAN SPORTS AEROBIC & FITNESS FEDRATION (ISAFF) - ISAFF Affiliated to Asian AEROBIC FEDRATION(AFF) - International SPORTS AEROBIC & FITNESS FEDRATION


Vision & Values

Vision & Values

To achieve our organization's mission, the Iconic Olympic Games Academy is guided by the following core values.



We believe in working as a group to achieve a common goal throughout the organization, from the Director level to our athletes.


Respect & Diversity

We have high regard for truth, play according to the rules, strive to act in ethical ways and are sincere in our actions.



We respect ourselves and each other while encouraging and embracing our diversity



We are committed to the community we serve and we will work hard to achieve our goals and objectives, with an Inclination to serve and enhance the sports facilities & encourage the talents for a better future.

The academy is directed by the renowned Grand Master Mr. Syed RafatZubairRizvi and a team of professionals, with a crystal clear vision to bring a dynamic change in Sports & Fitness.

"Together building the powerbase for sustainable Fitness & sports development and Talent Nurturing."

IOGA's vision was developed to align itself with the fast-developing sports industry.

We have a responsibility to the country to ensure that the sustainable development of Youth or Sportsmen becomes a reality. It plays a major role in accelerating the growth of the sport in the community by providing high-quality sporting expertise to satisfy the needs of the country.

Values of IOGA

Values are our strength which defines our identity as an organization. They additionally characterize the working characteristics used to improve execution. Values should nurture and enrich us. To make values come alive, we need to shape value statements that guide behavior. We should consider how each worth identifies with our regular work.

IOGA Culture and Values

Culture can be characterized as "The manner in which we get things done around here".Culture exists at various levels. The outer layer consists of the image - the buildings, the decor, and the people - the first things people hear see or feel when they enter or deal with the organization.

The second level of culture includes our values, strategies, and goals. The deepest level of culture includes the values, beliefs, and assumptions of the leaders and founders. Values are therefore a core element of culture.