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Our Team

Anandeshwar Pandey


AnandeshwarPandey is well known Sports Administrator of Uttar Pradesh. He heads the Olympic Movement in Uttar Pradesh by representing the U. P. Olympic Association of the largest State of our country. He is the General Secretary of the U.P. Olympic Association and by this assignment, he has been bestowed the honour of being the Treasurer of the Indian Olympic Association. He also heads the administration of the U. P. Hand Ball Association of Uttar Pradesh as Secretary-General and became the proud Secretary-General of Handball Federation of India.

These notable assignments of various facets of Sports administration, he has become very popular with not only Sports fraternity of Uttar Pradesh but also keeps good relations with Government Administration at State & Central level.

Mr. Anandeshwar Pandey belongs to a modest & pious family from the district of Deoria of Uttar Pradesh. He was born on the 1st day of the year 1955. His life partner is a perfect example of “Home Maker” and they are blessed with Two Sons & Two daughters. His academic prowess started from Deoria but after completing his academics and social responsibilities, he finally settled in Lucknow for his ability to command the Sports Administration in many ways. Iconic Family looks at him with proud to take guidance and advises for the cause of developing the mission of the Iconic Olympic Games Academy.

Syed Rafat Zubair Rizvi

Working President of Lucknow Olympic Association

(Chairman IOGA)

Syed Rafat Zubair Rizvi, is Post Graduate in Modern History, Double Graduate in English Literature & Physical Education. A renowned Taekwondo International Player and Founder of ICONIC. He is the inspiration and the effusion force for Us.

Conserving the Martial Arts at the Core of Iconic & Mastering the amalgam of ancient martial art, he is directly involved in yielding the great players along mentoring them to be great Individuals. ICONIONS are trained and nurtured in manner to be a winner & set the highest benchmark in sports.

Apart being an enthusiastic sports person, he is heading these positions to give Sports A Right Direction in the Region.

  • 1. International Player & 4 DAN Black Belt (Taekwondo)
  • 2. Executive Committee Member & Associate VP (UPOA)
  • 3. Vice President-UP Handball Association
  • 4. Senior Vice-President- UP Wushu Association
  • 5. Working President- LOA
  • 6. President Lucknow Jujitsu Association
  • 7. Chairman- Lucknow Boxing Association