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President Address

From The Presidents Desk

Growth of Scientific methodology and improvement in  practice of  orthopaedic surgery, worldwide


Dr.Sanjeev Agarwal

President - IOGA


Dear Friends,

Warm greetings,

I am extremely grateful to all of you for your support and I am honored to have all of you here to the Organization named Intercontinental Orthopaedics Global Academy (IOGA), which is a professional organization which focuses on academics, research and social networking among Orthopaedicians globally.  IOGA aims to help growth of Scientific methodology and improvement in  practice of orthopaedic surgery, worldwide. On behalf of the entire IOGA members, I thank the Hon. Secretary, Treasurer and Executive Committee members who gave me great directions and encouragement.

Currently we may feel as to why there is a need for one more organization like IOGA, but we need to understand that in the coming years, a necessity for an organization like IOGA will be a demand  in the orthopaedics world.  With the every growing increase in population,  the demand for a larger population of Orthopaedics surgeons in India will bring in a new era  in which Indian Orthopaedicians will be in the forefront, inventing new techniques and taking the lead in the progress of  this fraternity on a worldwide scale and at that stage IOGA will play a very important role.   

I had put forth my  above view for starting a global organization before my mentor – Dr.Hashmukh S. Varma and Dr.Ramchandra Prabhoo who strongly supported the thought and planned to formulate an association named IOGA, in order to connect with doctors in the Indian Orthopaedic fraternity with the rest of the world.

As a doctor, I have been blessed with many opportunities to work hard at worthwhile projects. But I am specially blessed, as I have been given an opportunity to work hard for a most worthy cause one can work & succeed for.

I am happy to have a team of dedicated Office Bearers & Active Managing Committee Members, who will work in the best possible way to make IOGA an enormous organization of medical team which will open new horizons for the Indian orthopaedicians. As an IOGA president, I promise to work hard to create opportunities and overcome the barriers that we face. I also promise to remain enthusiastic and optimistic.

I am  sure that the vision of IOGA will be accomplished in a very significant way through the support and togetherness of all the members of the Orthopaedic faculty.


With best wishes,

Dr.Sanjeev Agarwal

President - IOGA