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Constitution of IOGA


Memorandum of Association

  • Name - The name of the Association shall be "Intercontinental Orthopedics Global Academy".

  • Objects - The objectives of the Academy is advancement of the Science and Art of Orthopedic Surgery and medicinal aspect helpful of orthopedics practice and with that view inter alia to do the following :

  1. To promote , encourage and assist in the education and training of orthopedic Surgeons globally.

  2. To conduct an Annual conference out of India to bring Indian Orthopedicians from worldwide with international orthopedics fraternity on one platform for the benefit of the Science, Art of Orthopedic Surgery and Medicinal aspect helpful in orthopedic.

  3. To hold scientific meetings, separately or along with other Associations or Societies

  4. To encourage scientific research and experimental work in Orthopedic Surgery

  5. To hold scientific discussions and read papers on orthopedic and allied Subjects

  6. To provide for the delivery and holding of lectures, meeting and classes for medical practitioners / others for the purpose of directly of indirectly advancing the causes of Orthopedic Surgery

  7. To establish and maintain reference library / libraries relating to Orthopedic Surgery

  8. To provide instructions and education for the advancement of Orthopedic Surgery
    among medical practitioners.

  9. To Associate together into one body all qualified Orthopedic surgeons actively practicing or interest in the science and art of Orthopedic Surgery and Allied Subjects .

  10. To establish contact /affiliations with other Societies or Associations, Indian or Overseas, and exchange scientific information and collaborate with them in progress of common interest.

  11. To publish singly or in association with other Association and Societies, Indian or foreign, Journals, proceeding, brochures, periodicals , newsletters and abstracts pertaining to Orthopedic Surgery and allied subjects.

  12. To promote social and professional contacts among this orthopedic surgeons in India and aboard.

  13. To receive registrations and subscriptions and to hold the funds in Academy /Society for any particular purpose or purposes for the advancement of orthopedic surgery and allied branches .

  14. To encourage exhibitions of instruments , implants, tools, appliances , etc. connected with or pertaining to Orthopedic Surgery and to attempt to improve such instruments and appliances for the special needs of this country.

  15. To constructs , alter and maintain any building necessary for the running of the Academy / Society

  16. To make rules , regulations and bye-laws and to delete, change or add to the same as and when necessary , Conducive to the attainment of all or any of the objectives of the Academy /Society

  17. To initiate any other programme which may be decided on from time to time by the Academy / Society . For the Advancement of Orthopedic Surgery and medicinal aspect helpful in orthopaedics practice

  18. To promote orthopaedic education amongst public

  19. The Academy /Society Shall Function in accordance with the rules and regulations

  20. The names, address and the occupations of the Executive committee to whom ,by the rules of the Academy / Society the management of the affairs are entrusted for the duration of their offices consists of the President, Secretary and Treasurer.


Rules and Regulations of the Intercontinental Orthopedics Global Academy

  1. Name:The name of the Society shall be "Intercontinental Orthopedics Global Academy" hereinafter called the Association in these rules and regulations

  2. The objects:The objects of the association are given in the Memorandum of Association

  3. Office and scope:

The Office of the association shall be located in Mira Road, Dist. Thane. The

activities of the society shall extend to all over India,

  1. The Managing Committee shall mean and include the Managing Committee elected by the members of the society in the Annual General Meeting after every 5 years are includes :














There shall be minimum 07 and maximum 15 members of Managing Committee

In the first Managing Committee there are 7 Members at present.

  1. THE FUND’ shall mean and include all the investments, funds, properties movable and immovable belonging to the society and vested in the Managing Committee of the society.

  1. Accounts and Finances

The accounting year of the society shall be financial year commencing from 1st April 31st March of every year.

The Managing committee can maintain all its records including account either in English or Marathi.

  1. Membership:

Any adult (above 21 years old) person who is residing in any part of the country and who abides by objects and Rules and Regulations of the society shall be eligible to be enrolled as a member of the society on the payments of such amounts mentioned in clauses 5 of the Rules and Regulations.


    1. Life Mem,bers : Who gives Rs. ______________________/- as a donation shall be called the “Life Member” of the Organisation.

    2. General Members : Who gives Rs.____________________/- per year as donation shall be called as the General Member of the Organisation.


The Members of the society shall be disqualified, terminated and/or removed by the

Managing Committee for any of the following reasons :

  1. On his resignation from membership and being accepted by the Managing Committee.

  2. On his death.

  3. If the member is found to be default in payment of his subscription for a period of more than 12 months in

Spite of Notice to him/her.

  1. If such member contrivances the provisions of the Rules and Regulation laid down by the Managing Committee

And does not abide by the said provisions in spite of written warning given to him by the Managing Committee.

  1. If members attitude and behavior is dangerous for the smooth functioning of organization, not following the

Rules , regulation, orders as per the memorandum of organization, condemnable, sabotage activities leading

To non-functioning of organization.

  1. Members who are found guilty and prosecuted under the court of law.


    The powers and functions of the office bearers are as follows :

  1. The president of the Managing Committee shall be the President of the Society. He shall preside at, conduct and regulate all meetings of the society and conclude the same.

  2. The President in addition to his right of voting as a member shall have a casting vote in case of a tie. (the VETO right shall be given to the President of the society).

  3. The President have authority to terminate the members, who’s attitude and behavior is dangerous for the for the smooth functioning of organization, not following the rules, regulation, orders as per the memorandum of organization, condemnable, sabotage activities leading to non-functioning of organization.

  4. The President at the general meeting shall have the authority to interpret the provisions of the rules and regulations of the bye-laws for the purpose of conducting and regulating the meeting and deciding the question of such meeting.

  5. To organize and control the meeting.


The Secretary shall look after the affairs of the Society under the directions and in accordance with the resolutions passed by the Managing Committee from time to time. His functions and duties shall be as under.

  1. To keep and maintain register of members of the society with their addresses. To convey the

Meeting of the Managing Committee of the society with prior approval or intimation to the President.

  1. To keep or cause to be kept proper minutes of the proceeding of the Annual General Body Meeting Of the Society and/or the Managing Committee and other regards and to give affect the resolutions passed in the said meeting.

  2. To conduct the correspondence of the society as per resolutions passed by the Managing Committee and the general body and keep or cause to be kept proper records and prepare or cause to be prepared and placed before the Managing Committee and the General Body Meeting of the Society. Such Materials and the information as may be necessary or the Managing Committee may require as.

  3. To keep or to be kept all the records of the society at a place to be determined by the Managing Committee. To supervise the working and manage the activities of the society.

  4. He/She shall be responsible to the Managing Committee for all accounts.

  5. He/She can keep the amount up to Rs. 5000/- with prior permission of the president for incidental Expense.


The Treasurer shall act under the directions and as per resolutions passed by the Managing Committee. He shall also be responsible to the Managing Committee for all accounts, his/her functions and duties shall be as under:

  1. To collect membership fees and to receive donations and to keep accurate accounts of any special purpose by the donor.

  2. To deposit any amount exceeding Rs.5000/-which is not required for immediately use, within such scheduled bank as may be approved by the Managing Committee.

  3. Primarily to receive all payment made to the Society and to pass all necessary receipts and to maintain proper books of accounts under the supervision and direction of the Managing Committee.


The members of the society will help the office bearers in the work of society activities. To Attend all the meeting of the society, to participate the election of the society after every 5 years and other work of the society.


The Managing Committee hall hold its term for Five years. The election of the Managing Committee shall be by show of hands or in case of need by ballot system. An difficulty of procedural nature on holding election shall be decided by the President.


Any casual vacancy in the office bearers of the members of the Managing Committee during its terms for any reason shall firstly to be filled by the remaining Members of the Managing Committee from amongst themselves or second from the Members of the society for un expired period of the terms of Managing Committee is less than three months.


Subject to the control of the General Body of the society. The Managing Committee shall exercise all the powers and particularly the following:

  1. To manage the affairs of the society in accordance with the Rules and Regulations of the society.

  2. To pay all the outgoing for the maintenance of the society.

  3. To remove or cause to be removed any office bearers or members of the Managing Committee or any members of the society if in the opinion of the Managing Committee such office bearers of the Association if found misbehaving against the interest of the society.

  1. To establish, maintain and conduct the trust funds, properties etc.

  2. To acquire property, movable or immovable of furtherance of the objectives of the society .

  3. To raise funds by any legal means and also to accept subscriptions in furtherance of anyone or more of the objects of the society.

  1. To prepare Annual Report of the Academy / Society and keep the same along with the accounts of the society before the Annual General Body Meeting.

  1. To fill in the casual vacancy or vacancies in the Managing Committee.

  1. To frame bye-laws in connections in the Memorandum of Association and Rules and Regulations and to amend, delete and substitute the by-laws for the day to day affairs of the society.

  1. To maintain up-to date accounts from time to time and to get them audited within six months from the date of balancing of amounts.

  1. To enroll members of the society as per Rule No. 4 & 5 of these Rules and Regulations.

  1. To do all such other acts and things as are incidental or conducting to the attainment of the above objects and anyone or more of them.


The fund of the society shall consist of the following:

  1. Fees, subscription, donation, membership fees that may vary from time to time given by any person to the society from India and abroad.

  2. Grants from Government, Zilha Parishad, Municipalities and other bodies and institutions.

  3. Lands, buildings etc. acquired by or granted by society.

  4. All the movable, immovable properties of the society shall stand in the name of the society and shall vest in the Managing Committee which shall make due provision for the maintenance, preservations, custody and disposition thereof

  1. Interest on bank accounts, fixed deposits and through other investments.

  1. Any other earning, income or profit through economically developed activities.


All accounts of the society shall be opened in any Banks as the Managing Committee decided, from time to time and the said account will be on the name of the society. Such account or accounts shall be operated Jointly with president and Secretary.


A list persons who are member within the meaning of Section 15 of the Societies Registration Act, 1860 will be maintained in the form Schedule-VI of the registration of the Societies (Maharashtra) Rules 1971 vide Rules 15 thereof.


The Rules and Regulations of the society may be altered, amended or added by a majority of the 3\5th members present and voting in a General Body Meeting prior notice thereof has been duly given


If a change is desired in the name or objects of the society, procedure laid down in Section 12 and 12-A of the Societies Registration Act, 1860 will be followed


The society may be dissolved in any Extra ordinary General Meeting specifically conducted for that purpose after a months notice to all members individually under postal certificate by 3/5 of the total members present and voting and in accordance with the provisions of Section 13 and 14 of the Societies Registration act, 1860.