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About IOGA

IOGA is a professional organization which focuses on academics, research and social networking among Orthopaedicians, globally. We as Indians notice, that the years to come, the growth in the population, will considerably enhance the demand for Orthopaedic services which in turn will give rise to the number of Orthopaedic in the country. Another factor for this increase in the number of Orthopaedic is the growing business of medical tourism and medical trial and research facilities which will open new horizons for the Indian Orthopaedic.

In order to enable this growing skill set of doctors to develop their skills, a global organization is the need of the hour to connect the Indian Orthopaedic fraternity with the rest of the world.

IOGA achieves this purpose brilliantly. It is a growing organization in terms of increasing memberships but also constantly evolving in other aspects such as fellowship, CMEs, orations and annual conferences of the fraternity conducted out of India in different continents.

This organization owes its inception to Dr. Sanjeev Agrawal who envisaged the need for such an institution and put forth his ideas before his mentor Dr. H.S. Varma and Dr. Ram Prabhoo who strongly supported the thought and planned to formulate an association by the name of Indian Orthopaedics Global Academy, a first of its kind, official body. Taking initiative towards its promotion, Dr. Sanjeev Agrawal egged Dr. Ram Prabhoo on to formally announce the existence of this organization, at the CME conference in Switzerland. They were supported by Dr. Vijay Katkatkar and Dr. R.R. Viradia who was a strong supporter of the concept of IOGA. Shortly thereafter Dr. Laxman Kamat got associated with IOGA and the society was formally registered in 2011.

The first global conference of IOGA was held at Shanghai under its former name 'Indian Orthopaedics Global Academy'. However, at the time of registration with the Indian Societies Act, on the basis of the nature of its work the association was registered as Intercontinental Orthopaedics Global Academy.

IOGA is aiming to help growth of Scientific methodology and improvement in practice of Orthopaedic surgery, worldwide.