Iconic Olympic Academy Approved by  : Uttar Pradesh Olympic Association (UPOA) - UPOA Affiliated to Indian Olympic Association Affiliated to : INDIAN SPORTS AEROBIC & FITNESS FEDRATION (ISAFF) - ISAFF Affiliated to Asian AEROBIC FEDRATION(AFF) - International SPORTS AEROBIC & FITNESS FEDRATION


About Academy

About Our Academy

The academy is directed by the renowned Grand Master Mr. Syed Rafat Zubair Rizvi and a team of Professionals, with a crystal clear vision to bring a dynamic change in Sports & Fitness.

"Together building the powerbase for sustainable Fitness & sports development and Talent Nurturing."

IOGA's vision was developed to align itself with the fast developing sports industry.

We have a responsibility to the country to ensure that sustainable development of Youth or Sportsmen becomes a reality. It plays a major role in accelerating growth of sport in the community by providing high-quality sporting expertise to satisfy the needs of the country.